Extended Essay Books

The Extended Essay is a key part of the IB Diploma Programme – and a component that is highly valued by universities across the world. Unfortunately many students also struggle to write the essay well and there have been relatively few useful resources to support the process until recently.

Extended Essay Course Companion
Author: Kosta Lekanides
Pages: 132
Levels: SL and HL
Buy: IB Extended Essay Course Book (IB Diploma Program), Worldwide (free shipping)

This is a relatively new book from Oxford University Press. It takes a slightly unusual aproach of being an “all in one” guide to the EE process. This means it has advice for students, but also for IB Coordinators and EE supervisors.


Extended Essay for the IB Diploma: Skills for Success
Author: Paul Hoang and Chris Taylor
Pages: 96
Levels: SL and HL
Buy: Extended Essay for the IB Diploma: Skills for Success, Worldwide (free shipping)
Kindle version: Yes

This slim volume is a ‘rival’ book to Oxford University Press’ Extended Essay guide. This particular book includes guidance from Extended Essay experts and plenty of examples to guide students on the right path.

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