Group 5: Mathematics

IB Mathematics textbooks

The IB maths courses are split three levels: studies, standard, and higher, and the textbooks tend to focus on just one level.

The IB produces a short list of recommended calculators that are allowed in its examinations. The two most popular models appear to the the Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator and the Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Graphing Calculator.

Mathematical Studies

Mathematical Studies: Course Companion
Authors: Blythe, Fensom, Forrest et al
Pages: 624
Levels: Maths Studies
Buy: Amazon, Worldwide (free shipping)

This is a very well regarded textbook for the Mathematical Studies course. (Do not be confused by the ‘Standard Level’ subtitle – that simply indicates that Maths Studies counts as an SL subject. This book does not cover the Maths SL content.)

Mathematics Studies for the IB Diploma (Study Guide)
Author: Scott Genzer
Levels: Maths Studies
Buy: Amazon, Worldwide (free shipping)

Despite its rather confusing subtitle (‘For Standard and Higher Level’), this study guide is actually targeted at the Maths Studies course. It does not contain the required material for the other two IB Maths courses.

As a study guide it offers an overview of the course content to help students prepare for the final examinations. It is not meant to be an alternative to a textbook.

Mathematics Standard Level

Mathematics Standard Level
Author: Rondie, Kemp, et al
Pages: 800
Levels: SL
Buy: Amazon, Worldwide (free shipping)

Another high-quality book from Oxford which covers everything needed for the Standard Level Mathematics course, including plenty of activities and clear explanations.

Mathematics Higher Level

IB Mathematics Higher Level: For the IB diploma
Authors: Harcet, Heinrichs, et al
Pages: 832
Levels: HL
Buy: Amazon, Worldwide (free shipping)

This weighty volume (over 800 pages) covers all of the required content for the IB Maths Higher Level course. As with many of the latest IB textbooks, this book tries to closely incorporate many TOK concepts into its chapters. There are also a large number of practise questions – essential for a course which is widely considered one of the hardest in the IB!

As a bonus this textbook also comes with a free e-book version.

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